The Zvishavane Community Share Ownership Trust (ZCSOT) says it has achieved 87% satisfaction on its ward based projects in the 19 rural wards.

An organisation tasked at implementing ward based development projects to empower communities, the share ownership trust says it has been assisting its 19 rural wards with a $5000 disbursement per ward, a move that has helped in the construction of schools and clinics.

The trust has also achieved its 2018 projects using funds from its partners.

”As a trust, all our ward based projects except for the two wards were achieved. The projects are identified and implemented based on ward needs,” said Chief Mafala, who is the ZCST Board Chairperson.

The trust’s CEO, Mr Noel Jinga said now that they have achieved a lot in implementing some projects, 2019 will see the implementation of income generating projects for the 19 rural wards.

A number of schools, clinics and nutritional gardens were implemented, while Dayataya clinic is nearing completion.