Blue chip counters led the gainers in an impressive trading session which saw the local stock exchange recording significant gains.

It was a rosy day for the local bourse that started the week with several gains with the all share index opening the week in green gaining a significant 5.62 point to close at 165.36 points while the industrial index was also up at 18.97 points to 553.23 points, with the top ten surging by 6.52 points to 159.25 points and the minings’ were unchanged at 191.87 points.

Delta added 18.93 cents to close at 318.93 cents, Padenga rose by 11.97 cents to end at 144.22 cents and Cassava Smartech traded 10.35 cents to settle at 151.38 cents.

Meikles increased by 5.00 cents to 75.00 cents and ZB Financial Holdings was 4.10 cents stronger at 42.10 cents.

British American Tobacco eased 20.00 cents to 3030.00 cents and Seedco which was 0.08 cents weaker at 145.00 cents.

In terms of regional and international markets, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange rose by 0.08 percent, New York Stock Exchange was 0.45 percent up and the London Stock Exchange was also 0.38 percent up.

On the regional and global markets, crude oil was 0.47 percent up to US$69.13 cents per barrel, gold rose by 0.04 percent to US$1 285.40 cents an ounce, platinum dropped by 0.03 percent during the time of compilation to US$806.20 cents an ounce.