Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers returning from peacekeeping missions in Liberia and South Sudan have been commended for representing the country through diligent performance of duty and exceptional discipline during their tour of duty.

The ZRP continues to raise the country’s flag high by excelling during peacekeeping operations as evidenced by accolades received by some of the 13 officers who were deployed in Liberia and South Sudan for an average period of a year.

The officers were received at Morris Depot today where they commended the country’s leadership for ensuring a peaceful environment prevails in our country after their exposure in post war torn Liberia and South Sudan.

40 officers are proceeding to South Sudan to continue from where their colleagues left off and the expectation is that they will display a high standard of discipline and professionalism, says Deputy Commissioner General Levi Sibanda.

The ZRP has earned a reputation for professional conduct and outstanding achievements in peacekeeping operations in countries such as East Timor, Liberia, Kosovo and South Sudan among other countries.