A group of eight Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) workers were allegedly swindled of money amounting to US$4 000 by a company named Cattle Ownership Society.

Cattle Ownership Society is alleged to have misrepresented to ZPC workers in 2012 that they had a cattle scheme which was offering cattle to individuals who would have joined.

The complainants were told that after contributing money ranging from $55 upwards per month; one would get two cattle per year.

The complainants started collecting monthly contributions, with some paying cash, while others used bank transfers.

Some of them had their subscriptions deducted straight from the bank.

After contributing for a year, the complainants, approached the society intending to get their cattle, but were told to continue contributing for another year and were put on a waiting list for two more years.

The conned workers took the company to court this year and the state ruled that they be paid back their money by 30 0ctober 2018 and up to date cattle ownership society has not paid them.

Efforts to get a comment from directors at Cattle Ownership Society were fruitless as they switched off their phones upon contacting them.

The company also allegedly tricked a group of civil servants in Harare during the same period.