diamonds1.jpgA cross section of Zimbabweans has hailed the decision by the World Diamond Council and the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPSC) for permitting the country to commence trade in some of its diamonds pointing out that the gemstones have a potential to transform the country’s economy.



Individuals who spoke to ZBC News said they expect the sale of diamonds to uplift the country’s economy thereby improving the lives of ordinary people.


“We are really happy that a positive resolution has finally been made, we expect that the sale of the country’s diamonds will bring a turnaround in the country’s economic fortunes,” said one observer.


The World Diamond Council and the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) yesterday made a resolution to allow partial certification of Zimbabwe’s diamond stock mined at Chiadzwa, following a two day meeting of the World Diamond Council held in St. Petersburg, Russia.


However, the resolution came after a long struggle between government and some western member countries of the KPCS which desperately tried to block the country from being certified despite compliance with minimum KPSC standards and a favorable report by the KP monitor Abbey Chikane.

Australia, United States, and the European Union bloc and Non Governmental Organisations based in Canada and the United Kingdom have been in opposition of the cerfification of the Zimbabwean diamonds, labeling them as ‘bloody’ diamonds.


Despite receiving the certification news with pleasure, many Zimbabweans have however questioned why the country has only been allowed to sell diamonds mined during the period of May 28 to 1 August this year as well as those to be mined from the beginning of next month to the 1st of September.


They argue that KPCS should have made an open ended certification, without specifications of dates at which the diamonds to be sold should be or should have been mined.