Zimbabweans have been urged to embrace theatre just like any other profession as it has potential to be a source of revenue.

Speaking at the  Mitambo International Theatre Festival, which is currently underway in Harare, the Festival Coordinator, Mitchell Dube, called upon Zimbabweans to embrace theatre as it has a lot of potential in contributing to the economy as a  form of employment.

“Theatre entertains and it is a form of employment, however it is not well-received in Zimbabwe, we are therefore calling upon everyone to give theatre a chance since there is a lot of potential in it”, said Dube.

The initiative which is the first of its kind in Zimbabwe has been hailed by theatre enthusiasts from other countries which include Botswana and United States of America, who came to attend the festival.

They highlighted that the theatre festival is a platform for artists to come together and learn from each other.

“I have learnt a lot on both the administrative and creative side of theatre from this festival. I will take home a lot of notes and incorporate them in our own theatre industry,” said Sengwato Rampha from Botswana Theatre Academy

“I am learning a lot from this festival, and there is a lot of talent in Zimbabwe which I have noticed, and it needs to be tapped into,” said Diane Call Theatre Director USA.

The inaugural Mitambo theatre arts festival had representatives from more than 10 countries which include Switzerland, India, South Africa and China.