As the country prepares to demonstrate against the imposition of illegal sanctions, Zimbabweans across the country speak with one voice that the sanctions have not spared the ordinary citizens with the negative impact of the restrictive measures being at the core of the challenges they are facing.

Speaking at a youth dialogue meeting that was held at the Zanu PF headquarters in Harare this Tuesday, various speakers concurred that the illegal sanctions should be removed as they have caused untold suffering among youths and women.

“Zimbabweans are suffering including women because of these sanctions. Our youth were deprived of many things due to these sanctions and when you look at the ZIDERA document itself you will realize that the sanctions are not focused on specific figures but were meant to make Zimbabwe crumble.

Matabeleland South is not only known for producing the best beef in the country but it boasts of the busiest port of entry in sub-Saharan Africa, Beitbridge.

Despite the competitive advantages, the province is failing to contribute to growth of its Gross Domestic Product and uplifted the standards of living for its people.

In West Nicholson, the once thriving Leibices beef and fruit processing plant which used to export tinned products is now a shadow of its former self.

“The Leibices plant was one of our thriving manufacturing companies, had it been operational, a number of locals would be employed,” Minister of State for Matabeleland South, Cde Abednico Ncube said.

In Beitbridge, the tourism sector and the economy in general have also been affected by bad publicity.

“Sanctions have negated our development. We had the dream of making Beitbridge a seaport in a way and the World Bank was quite prepared to support that programme but due sanctions we are not able to utilise those funds the World Bank had promised to invest in the extension of the Limpopo river to a sea port,” Ambassador Aaron Maboyi said.

Bulawayo Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Cde Judith Ncube has urged all residents in the City of Kings to turn out in their numbers for the SADC anti-sanctions solidarity event set for White City Stadium on Friday.

Masvingo Province calls for all to gather and call for the lifting of sanctions in a peaceful manner, people will march from the Civil Centre to Mucheke Stadium where the key speech will be delivered while other residents will march at district level.

“Look at the mining sector, we have mines like King mine which are currently shutdown. Some mines are not operating to their full capacity as they do not have the much-needed cash injection, “a business person, Benjamin Mazarire said.

Many agree that the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans would be better now had the country’s detractors not imposed illegal sanctions on the country.

But today despite its minerals, its land, its strong human resources base, its natural resources, the country has not reached its development vision, hence the call for Zimbabweans to unite and call for the unconditional removal of the punitive measures.