mohadi-kembo.jpgThe co-Minister of Home Affairs, Cde Kembo Mohadi has attributed the xenophobic attacks on Zimbabweans in South Africa to the culture of hard work and high qualifications and skills among Zimbabweans which make them competitive on the job market than their South African neighbours.

In an interview, Minister Mohadi described the recent xenophobic attacks on Zimbabweans as ‘very sad’ and unAfrican since as a continent Africans have the culture of mixing and mingling among themselves.

He said, “Although the South African government has come out clearly condemning xenophobia, it is unfortunate that some elements are promoting the xenophobia through hate speech which accuses Zimbabweans of taking the South Africans’ jobs.”

The comments by Minister Mohadi come in the wake of some xenophobic attacks in Mpumalanga province from the 13th to the 14th of June when a Zimbabwean, Godfrey Sibanda, was killed in such an attack while on his way from work.

The attacks were carried out after a councillor in the area had held a meeting with the local police requesting for permission to drive out foreigners from area.

The major wave of xenophobic attacks which swept through some provinces in South Africa between May and June 2008 left over 70 people, including Mozambicans dead.