A new book titled “Flash Back Identity” penned by Zimbabwean author-cum musician, Luckson Chikutu, is set to be exhibited at Africa Festival to be held next week in Stockholm Sweden.

Africa Festival is a fete that several African cultures are displayed and the recently launched book will be part of the event.

Chikutu said he has done everything in making that people appreciate Zimbabwean culture.

“African culture is rich and people out there appreciate it. I am happy that the book flashback identity that explored several cultural activities in Zimbabwe, is getting a warm reception,” he said.

Chikutu said his wish was to see the Minister of Sports, Youth, Arts and Recreation Kirsty Coventry so that they discuss on how to take the book to most parts of the country.

“My wish is to meet Arts Minister so that she can assist me in taking the book to every corner of Zimbabwe. We have potential as Zimbabwe to contribute to the Gross Domestic Product through arts,” he added.

He said everything has been set for the festival.

He said culture was important as it can contribute towards the development of tourism in the country.

“I really want to share it with the new generation and adults about how best we can document our culture and history. Our culture in Zimbabwe is very rich and can turn the fortunes of the country as it contributes largely to the development of domestic tourism in the country,” he said.

His passion to see the culture of Zimbabwe being documented pushed him to pen the book

“Writing this book was a long journey with positive feedback. It was motivated by the need to document the cultural history I received when I was growing up,” he said.

The book describes the music business, how it has been used throughout history to influence humanity on earth.