indian ambassador.jpgIndian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Jeitendra Kumar Triphati, says Zimbabwe can benefit from an education partnership with India which is emerging as a giant in science and technology especially in the education sector.

Zimbabwean scholars who undertook a two-month scholarship programme in India as part of their doctorate degrees received their certificates for completion of the course work in India last year.

Mr Triphati said Zimbabwe can benefit immensely from the advanced scientific based approach which his country has adopted in line with global trends.

Christ University India Director Centre for Research, Professor Srikanta Swamy said the students who were in India for the past two months should use the knowledge they gained for the development of Zimbabwe.

Christ Centre College of Zimbabwe founder, Professor Washington Mahiya said the country’s higher education standards can improve if more resources are channelled towards Information and Communication Technology, ICTs.

Following a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Christ Centre College of Zimbabwe and Christ Centre University in India, a new five year education programme was introduced for post graduate students and the first batch of students went for a two-month research scholarship programme last year.

The second group of students is expected to leave for India in February.