zta.jpg Zimbabwe tourism is spreading its wings to the Indian and Gulf States market through the appointment of a marketing company in those destinations hoping for a rapid turnover of arrivals within the next five years.

Arrivals from India to Zimbabwe have been minimal sitting at just 3 700 according to figures provided by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA).

This is however expected to change at least within the next two years following the appointment of a Zurich based company, Visa Facilitation Services (VFS), a firm that has a global link to the Asian and European markets connecting over 100 million travellers annually.

A recent agreement between the ZTA and VFS under a five year contract for marketing services is expected to tap into the vast pool of travellers from India, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Holistically, Zimbabwe will serve substantial revenue estimated above $280 000 incurred from using a tourism attaché.

Zimbabwe will pay VFS a monthly figure of $5 000 for driving their marketing thrust.

The firm has promised to match the task and is confident of a robust turnover in arrivals within the set time frame.

Prospects to achieving the target to grow arrivals this year to above 2.5 million are positive given reforms undertaken to review the Visa facilitation for the Indian and Chinese nationals.