webster shamu and namibian information minister 03-11-11.pngZimbabwe and Namibia Ministers of information portfolios have called for a consolidation of the existing bi-lateral relations in the media industry.

This came out at a Zimbabwe-Namibia Information Meeting held at Munhumutapa Offices in the capital where the two countries called for the continued enhancement of co-operation in media, information and publicity and ICTs.

Zimbabwe’s Media, Information and Publicity Minister, Cde Webster Shamu called for greater expansion of the current bi-lateral relations in the media industry, saying the two countries share a history which should be consolidated and carried into the future.

“The two countries were born out of an ardous liberation struggle. The people of Zimbabwe and Namibia fought side-by-side during the liberation struggle and what that also means is that we seek to work together and share a common destiny which is a total endeavour to the liberation of our people.

“Our eminent objective is to continue to protect our interests which our people sacrificed for,” said Cde Shamu.

Namibian Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Honourable Joel Kaapanda, also affirmed his counterpart’s position, saying all joint-media projects between Zimbabwe and Namibia should be strengthened.

“The area which the two countries want to cooperate on is to concretise the existing bi-lateral relations. The two countries have always stood together and will continue to support each other for the interest of our people,” he said.

“We want to move together in the process of digitalisation. We want to work together in the area of ICT infrastructure,” added Cde Kaapanda.

Delegates attending the meeting discussed the state of the broadcast and print media, training and skills exchange and development and regulatory and policy issues affecting the two Southern African countries.