Zimbabwe has added its voice at ongoing discussions to end illegal wildlife trade at the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference in London.

Illegal wildlife trade has become a menace which is threatening the survival of protected wildlife and having serious drain on economies.

Wildlife crimes in Zimbabwe are a major headache for authorities particularly for pangolins which fall in the category of protected species.

Figures from a 2016 report indicate that Zimbabwe handled 20 criminal cases involving pangolinĀ poachers and 41 accused persons countrywide with the possibility of this figure shifting over the last two years as demand for the product grows on the international market.

The famed big five animals namely elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards and buffaloes are caught in this web massacred for a single body part being traded on undergroundĀ  international markets at high prices.

The rate at which demand for wildlife products is growing on the international parallel market is astonishing with wildlife ministers now seeking solutions to end the globalĀ  crisis which is slowly marching these precious wildlife into extinction at the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference in London where Zimbabwe is among the participating nations.

United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May stated in her presentation that illegal wildlife crimes need to be treated in the same way as other serious crimes.

Across Africa wildlife poaching has become a pandemic of huge concern, but for Zimbabwe elephant poaching has graduated from being a disaster to becoming a nightmare.