The country’s horticultural produce is steadily reclaiming its international market share with demand of crops such as  macadamia nuts, bananas, lemons, avocados and flowers among others, high on demand.

Statistics from the government on the state of the horticulture sector show an upward trend of several local products which have regained their international market share.

Over 90 companies have penetrated the markets in Europe, Asia and Africa with demand of such produce as macadamia, asparagus, avocados, cherry peppers, brocolli, tea, lemons, green beans and flowers, among many others, recording a significant increase between January and May this year.

New Zealand, Kenya, Vietnam, China, USA, Hong Kong and the UK are among to destinations for Zimbabwean fresh produce.

The country’s horticulture exports which at peak reached US$143 million in 1999, have not been spared by a combination of sanctions and the unceremonious departure of white farmers who used to dominate the sector.

The exports dwindled  to unprecedented levels of about US$49 million dollars but a significant increase to US$72 million was achieved in 2015.