The recovery in global commodity prices has seen Zimbabwe’s gold earnings rising by 3,4 percent to US$275 million since January this year.

Gold prices in the international markets have recovered to more than US$1 200 an ounce from an all time low level of US$800 an ounce in the past three years.

Apart from the recovery in global prices, the gold sector has been inspired to increase production due to a five percent export incentive scheme.

Official figures from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe show that the country has since January produced 4,8 tonnes of the yellow metal.

The small scale mining sector, which is also benefiting from incentives by the treasury and the central bank is also accounting for more than 60 percent of production.

The government is therefore calling on the stakeholders within the gold mining industry to focus towards value addition of the mineral to increase earnings.

The government has also set a 28 tonne gold output target for this year.