The ZIFA elections held this Saturday have ushered in a new team after both President Phillip Chiyangwa and his deputy Omega Sibanda fell by the wayside.

Felton Kamambo beat Chiyangwa 35-24 but failed to garner two thirds majority as per the ZIFA constitution.

However, with a rerun looming, Chiyangwa withdrew his candidature and conceded defeat.

In the Vice Presidential race, Gift Banda upset Sibanda by 37-22.

The newly elected Executive Committee Members elected are Sugar Chagonda, Chamu Chiwanza, Philemon Machana and Bryton Malandule, with 2 more being added to the committee as per constitution – Barbara Chikosi (women’s football) and Farai Jere (PSL).



Felton Kamambo 35

Phillip Chiyangwa 24

Vice Presidency

Gift Banda 37

Omega Sibanda 22

Executive Committee


1. Sugar Chagonda (41)
2. Brighton Malandule (35)
3. Philemon Machana (41)
4. Chamu Chiwanza (38)


1. Mlungisi Moyo (33)
2. Stanley Chapeta (34)

Two more members added to Executive Committee as per constitution:

  1. Barbara Chikosi (women’s football)
  2. Farai Jere (PSL)