The Zimbabwe Football Association has requested Parliament to protect all stakeholders involved in the Asiagate scandal investigations.

This came out when local soccer bodies appeared before the Education, Sport and Culture Parliamentary Portfolio Committee. 

Appearing before the portfolio committee, ZIFA vice president, Ndumiso Gumede called on Parliament to protect its ethics committee against interference and threats if the Asiagate scandal is to be justly concluded.

ZIFA Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Mashingaidze added weight to Gumede’s concerns citing rampant corruption and mafia-like style threats as chief hindrances hampering the completion of the scandal investigations.

The portfolio committee also heard from key stakeholders the PSL, coaches and referees, who seemed to turn against their mother body by concurring that ZIFA should have dealt with the scandal in a more efficient manner and raised concern over the institution’s preparedness in handling future obligations like qualifying in regional and major tournaments.