zdp president.jpgOne of Zimbabwe’s political parties, the Zimbabwe Development Party, (ZDP) has called on COPAC teams to respect the party’s contributions regarding the funding of political parties in the country.


ZDP President, Mr. Kismot Mukwazhe said the new constitution should have provisions that guarantee the funding of established political parties, even though they have no representation in parliament.

“As smaller political parties we feel that we are critical stakeholders in the political landscape of the country and as such we should be funded by the government and not foreign states,” said Mukwazhe.

Mukwazhe said small political parties have been left out of the COPAC teams as their members are not represented.

“We are not represented in the COPAC teams and we feel our views will not be taken seriously,” Mukwazhe added.

According to the current law, the Political Parties (Finance) Act of 1992, funding is extended to political parties which have at least 15 seats in parliament.

Currently, only ZANU-PF and the MDC-T are eligible for funding.

ZDP however has no seat in parliament and Mukwazhe feels that the current law should be amended as it disadvantages smaller opposition parties.