The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has urged Bulawayo independent producers to come up with quality productions that reflect the rich cultures associated with Matabeleland.

The 1st of October marks the beginning of a new season in the production sector of the ZBC TV.

The new season brings with it opportunities for creative content producers who might want to bring something fresh on the screen of the national television broadcaster.

ZBC’s head radio and television services Mrs Tendai Madondo said independent producers from Matabeleland region have a chance to show the distinctive way of how they live in the area, as the public broadcaster has taken an inclusive approach to accommodate all talent in the country.

Some of the independent producers who attended the meeting told ZBC News that the new approach by the national broadcaster is a welcome development as it gives them space to highlight some of their concerns.

The ZBC management is on a massive rebranding exercise that has seen the national broadcaster regaining the confidence of local independent producers, resulting in entertaining productions like Muchaneta drama series that has proved to be a hit amongst viewers.

If a recent survey by Zamps’ Media Review is anything to go by, the broadcaster might have found its lost mojo as the survey shows an upsurge on the viewership on most local dramas and productions.