wadzanai 2011.jpgBy Wadzanai Mhombera

The just ended 12th Zanu PF Annual National People’s Conference endorsed Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe, its President and First Secretary, as its Presidential candidate for the 2012 harmonised elections.


And it’s also confirmed, elections will be held next year. Fellow Zimbabweans, let’s gear ourselves to choose a government of our liking and leaders who will take the country where it ought to be.


Bulawayo resolutions proved that the revolutionary party has the people of Zimbabwe at heart. Zanu PF has shown its consistency in terms of coming up with policies that continue to seek to safeguard the country’s hard won independence and God-given natural resources. The theme for this year’s conference said it all: “Defend National Sovereignty, Consolidate Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment”. No other political party or movement has been able to match Zanu PF in terms of enunciating the issue of empowering the majority of the people of Zimbabwe.

On the state of the economy, the party resolved to strengthen the indigenisation and economic empowerment programme and congratulated President Mugabe for launching the community share ownership trusts and the employee management share schemes which have seen some communities benefitting from natural resources mined in their areas and employees getting shares from the companies they work for respectively.

Zanu PF also resolved to continue condemning the illegal economic sanctions imposed on the nation by Britain and her allies and to respond with counter-measures such as legal action against those countries that have imposed the illegal embargo on Zimbabwe. Still on the state of the economy, the revolutionary party resolved to ask government to instruct Finance Minister Tendai Biti to stop this business of giving little funding to critical sectors such as agriculture, power/energy, telecommunications, roads and water.

On the state of social services, Zanu PF resolved, in a people-centred way, to instruct government to prioritise maintenance of road infrastructure, recapitalization of the National Railways of Zimbabwe, and the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) to improve transport services. The party also resolved to work on revitalizing the health and education sectors in resettlement areas to ensure all Zimbabweans have access to these basic social services. In areas which experience food deficits, the revolutionary party resolved to ask government to re-introduce feeding schemes to ensure that no one dies of hunger in Zimbabwe.

Aren’t these people’s policies? What else would you ask for? For Zanu PF, it seems the common word is people, people, people. In my humble analysis, it is safe to say that only Zanu PF has been consistent with people policies.

President Mugabe’s opening address touched on some of these policies. Talk of education since 1980. Teachers were trained in Cuba, universities have been built in nearly every province, primary and secondary schools and colleges are everywhere including in resettlement areas – you know the statistics at independence and now. Zimbabwe’s literacy rate has catapulted to 92%, the best in Africa, with Tunisia coming second. Anyone who appreciates a country called Zimbabwe would agree that this feat has been achieved courtesy of Zanu PF’s policies on education.

Although it has been vilified by some quarters, over 300 000 households have benefitted from Zanu PF’s land form programme. What is left, as the President said at the Bulawayo conference, is the full utilization of the land. Indeed I support his stance – those given land must work hard and fully utilize the land so as to shame the country’s detractors who propagate that blacks cannot own farms and produce something tangible.

In his concluding remarks, the President and First Secretary of Zanu PF said: “Zanu PF is an independent party, not a puppet”, and putting it in his mother tongue, the President said, “(Bato reZanu PF) harisi zvimbwasungata”. What does this mean for the electorate? Let me simplify it for you dear reader – Zanu PF is the party to go for, come elections 2012. Zanu PF does not need ‘massive handholding’ so to speak. The revolutionary party stands on its own and is Zimbabwean in all its aspects, unlike its counterparts in the inclusive government.

president mugabe conference 08-12-11.jpgI am sure every progressive Zimbabwean is aware that the MDC-Tsvangirai was never born in Zimbabwe; it is a puppet of the West – Britain and her allies. And like President Mugabe said in Bulawayo on Saturday the 11th of December, 2011, the MDC in all its formations –MDC-T, MDC, MDC-M, MDC 99 – has nothing to offer the people of Zimbabwe because it fronts imperialists.


The leader of the larger faction of the MDC formations, you know who, is said to remember the last thing that he is told or advised on and needs ‘massive handholding’ if he is to rule Zimbabwe of the Mbuya Nehandas, Sekuru Kaguvis, King Lobengulas, Joshua Nkomos, Jason Ziyaphapha Moyos, Robert Mugabes and many others, departed or still alive.

Referring to the MDC, the President said: “What ideas do they have for the people? They spend time looking for girlfriends and cannot even come up with a choice and they cannot spend time with the people. They do not think about the people, it’s money, pleasure……. They have no policies for the people, hanzi chinja. Chinja chii? Chinja vakadzi?” (they say change. Change what? Change women?)

There you have it people of Zimbabwe, of late Morgan Tsvangirai is only thinking about women and at the same time he cannot even make a single choice. He was even quoted very widely in the press saying he was failing to marry for the second time because he is ‘crowded’ by many stakeholders who are interested in his personal life. Tsvangirai says he wonders how others marry for the second time easily.

Fellow Zimbabweans, if Mr Tsvangirai cannot even make simple personal choices in life, if he admits to failing to choose a wife for himself and his clan, if he cannot be consistent in his speech, can he lead Zimbabwe?

On the other hand, the tried and tested revolutionary cadre whose consistency, visionary and self-less leadership is second to none, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, has been confirmed as Zanu PF’s Presidential candidate for the 2012 harmonised elections. All the solidarity messages from regional revolutionary parties, some of which fought alongside Zanu PF in the liberation struggle, and various organs of the party resolved to go for Cde Mugabe.

The questions is why President Mugabe? It is because his policies have been and continue to be people-oriented. It is because of his consistency, his vision, his self-lessness and desire to see Zimbabweans own the means of production. I have already alluded to his policies on health, education, land and indigenisation. Cde Mugabe has defended the country’s sovereignty on many international fora. Whenever he stands up to speak about Zimbabwe, he does it very well. He is a Pan-African. He laments the challenges that Africa faces at the hands of the imperialists who are still fighting to re-colonise Africa.

Remember Andile Lungisa, the President of the Pan-African Youth Union of the African Union, at the 12th Zanu PF Annual National People’s Conference? The young South African delivered a solidarity message. Lungisa said Africa should support President Mugabe because he is the last man hooting for Pan-Africanism. President Mugabe is not a coward, he did not run away from the war, nor has he ever backtracked on any undertaking. As straightforward as ever, listen to what he said to the delegates in his closing remarks:

“I will try my best to lead the party as I have done. Sometimes the call has come to say, ‘Please retire’. But, as long as there is work and I am sure that the party is in your own hands and moving without hindrances, it would be wrong, completely wrong, when the West is still holding sanctions on us, working against us and holding us back and we are still in this creature of the inclusive government.

“I cannot leave you in a dam alone. It will be completely wrong on myself and an act of cowardice. I will not be a coward. I am here. I was here working with others. God has given me the life. I am with you and I will not let you down.”

So the 12th Zanu PF Annual National People’s Conference has come and gone. It was held in a peaceful, transparent and democratic manner, unlike other conferences that we have witnessed this year. The revolutionary party delegates, to put it in the words of their leader, “they came, they saw, they conquered”.

Come 2012 elections, Zimbabwe must conquer its enemies by voting for the people’s party.


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