president robert mugabe  22-08-10.jpgHead of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President  Robert Mugabe says Zanu PF has no intention of reneging on the implementation of the Global Political Agreement and all the processes attached to it.


Cde Mugabe, who is the Zanu-PF President and 1st Secretary made the remarks while addressing members of the Zanu-PF Central Committee at the party’s headquarters in Harare this Friday.

The Central Committee meeting was held in the backdrop of existence of an inclusive government and comes hot on the heels of the just-ended SADC 30th Ordinary Summit which coincided with the regional body’s anniversary celebration.



  Cde Mugabe briefed senior members of his party what transpired at the SADC troika meeting in Windhoek where the three principals to the GPA discussed the progress on the implementation of the agreement and vowed that Zanu-PF will not continue giving concessions until the illegal sanctions against the country have been removed.


“That is a resolution of Congress to say Governors will not be divided. Let us see those issues which worry us first. First of all, the sanctions must go and go in their entirety before we can discuss the issue of Governors. That is what I have told the facilitator that there is no movement on our side on this matter unless the sanctions go. The GPA is not about Zanu-PF giving, giving, giving and the MDC demanding, demanding, demanding and receiving what they demand,” Cde Mugabe said.

He explained that Zanu-PF  signed the GPA so that each party plays its role but the issue of sanctions remains a thorn in the flesh as it is affecting not only the national economy as a whole but individuals, associates and friends of the party and even some professionals who are not even Zimbabweans.

He cited examples of one foreign doctor who has been added onto the sanctions list at the instigation of the MDC, for rendering his services to the First Family and another foreigner from Thailand who was working on a scholarship programme for disadvantaged Zimbabwean children.

The president expressed happiness that SADC has understood that the SADC tribunal has no legal basis as it has not been ratified by two thirds majority and SADC is now working on correcting its mistakes.


He described the tribunal as a monster.

“We the creators of this monster had thought we had created an animal that was favourable, which was proper, but no, we now discover we created a monster. We have argued that the tribunal was illegal and that there was no validity to what they were doing,” said President Mugabe.

Cde Mugabe called on members of his party to actively participate in the constitution making outreach programme to ensure that the values and principles of Zanu-PF are safeguarded and defended in a new constitution and dismissed allegations by some that the outreach programme had seen some people being force-marched into attending COPAC outreach meetings.

members of the central committee 20.08.10.jpgHe said false reports about violence and other negative information about the process are aimed at tainting the constitution making process.

He also warned those leasing their pieces of land to white farmers that their land will be repossessed without questions and that those who have no capacity to use all the land on their farms should have it re-divided and given to others who can make full use of it.

“Land is not being adequately utilised. In some cases it is not being used at all. If you have got a farm with 200 hectares and you are only able to till 20 hectares and the rest of the farm is not being utilised, are you serving the interests of agriculture properly?

“If it’s a start that is understood, the first year that’s what you are able to do, the second year you go on improving and improving that’s fine, but if for 5 years you continue tilling that small piece of land, then you haven’t got the capacity. Eventually when we do the audit there will be a recommendation that part of your land must be given to somebody else and you will have no reason to refuse,” President Mugabe said.

On diamonds, he said it is his wish to see all earnings from the resource being retained in the country through a partnership of miners incorporating the ZMDC and a well equipped Zimbabwean company.

He called for unity in the party saying fragmentations like the Mavambos and so-called Dabengwa ZAPU should not take place again.