Anti-corruption stakeholders have pledged to work together to improve the rankings of Zimbabwe on the international corruption perception index.

This was revealed during a stakeholders’ consultative workshop for the development of a national anti-corruption strategy organised by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) in Bulawayo this Monday.

Zimbabwe is ranked number 160 out of 175 countries by the corruption perception index, an undesirable image that drives away possible investors.

It is against this background that ZACC has embarked on a nationwide stakeholder consultative exercise to come up with a national anti-corruption strategy.

ZACC commissioner, Thandiwe Mlobane was impressed by the input from stakeholders in Bulawayo, while also calling for maximum participation in ensuring that Zimbabwe becomes a corrupt-free country.

“We are here to implore for contributions from stakeholders to come up with a comprehensive national anti-corruption strategy. The inputs we are getting are encouraging because we need everyone on board to successfully fight this scourge tormenting our economy,” said Commissioner Mlobane.

Stakeholders suggested the need to have an anti-corruption coalition to ensure an inclusive approach in the fight against the scourge.

“Such stakeholder engagements are key in fostering a collaborated approach against corruption. Having a national anti-corruption strategy will see all our efforts synchronised,” said the Chief Public Prosecutor, Tariro Takuva.

Transparency International Zimbabwe’s (TIZ) Legal Officer, Marilyn Sibanda said, the civil society and the government need to closely work together and form an anti-corruption coalition to achieve the primary goal of improving the image of Zimbabwe on matters of corruption.

After a series of nationwide consultative meetings, the anti-graft body is set to have a consolidated national anti-corruption strategy in place by the end of next month.