cellphone.jpgPlayers in the telecommunications sector have been urged to work together and share resources in order to enhance their businesses.


The survival of parastatals such as TelOne which is facing stiff competition from new players in the sector depends on forging partnerships which will help in reducing operational costs and ultimate growth.


This was emphasized by Yellow Pages Managing Director Mr. Mordecai Karira at a function to mark the company’s partnership with TelOne.


“Resource sharing is very important and telecoms companies should understand that it is not competition that matters,” said Karira.


TelOne Technical Director Mr Lawrence Mhlanga said that the parastatal is investing heavily in the optic fiber project running through the Mozambique and South African gateways to the underground sea cable.
“The cable has already been commissioned and is now carrying traffic,” said Mr Mhlanga.


With calls for telecommunications players to go into infrastructure and resource sharing initiatives, analysts have noted that the call for such strategic partnerships will be a positive boost for Zimbabwe’s booming telecoms sector.