President Emmerson Mnangagwa says dialogue, collectiveness and rising above political differences is the only way to collectively address solutions facing local authorities.

The President said this while officially opening the 78th Urban-Local Authorities and Local Government Investment Conference (LOGIC) in Bulawayo this Friday.

As the conference entered its third day; it was the wisdom of Zimbabwe’s President that carried the day.

President Mnangagwa urged local authorities to work collectively and engage in dialogue if there are challenges, while focusing more on development than politics.

With devolution being the main agenda of the meeting, the President reminded councils that government is committed to fully supporting them if they also display diligence in delivering on their mandate.

“For the 2020 budget which was presented yesterday, there is a bias towards supporting you. I am alive to the gross infrastructure challenges at local authorities, my government remains committed to resource infrastructural development at local authorities,” said the President.

The President also spoke on the local authorities’ significant role in the economic affairs of citizens.

“On the economic front local authorities are urged to ensure that they encourage citizens to embrace the ongoing currency reforms. there is no country that can develop without its own local currency. urban local authorities are exhorted to nurture innovative business initiatives that stimulate production,” highlighted President Mnangagwa.

President Mnangagwa warned that corrupt officials will be severely punished, exhorting councils not to spend finances on luxuries but on real developmental issues.  Three hundred and eighty-nine councillors, thirty two town clerks and one hundred and seventy council officials are attending the conference