female rapists 27.10.11.jpgA 17-year old student from Mkumbura, Marupira Village, is alleged to have been sexually assaulted by female rapists in Gweru.

The victim was offered a lift to Mkumbura by a lady who was dressed in a church uniform driving a black twin cab with two male passengers.

Midlands Police Spokesperson, Inspector Patrick Chademana said the suspect then drove to Gweru with the complainant.

This is the latest victim from the city of Gweru since the arrest of three women suspected to be behind a spate of rape cases that occurred along the major highways.

According to state papers, the three women went on a rampage and lured males to get into their vehicles before raping them.

It is further alleged that the suspects sprayed substances and forcibly gave them concoction to drug their prey before getting intimate with them.