Women have been implored to take the primary responsibility to uplift their lives and not to over rely on government support.

A women support organisation Queenmakers hosted a number of women at a breakfast meeting held in Harare that saw women sharing notes and experiences to motivate each other to start and develop businesses among other empowerment initiatives.

Founder of Queenmakers Nyaradzo Viki-Mavindire implored women to be bold in order to change their lives for the better and not to over rely on assistance to shape their destiny.

FN Solutions executive Fungai Ndemera who has companies in Zimbabwe, United Kingdom and India says the success of women empowerment programmes primarily lie with the women themselves.

The women who attended the breakfast meeting gave narrations on how they managed to start and grow their business pointing out that breakfast meetings such as the one organised by Queenmakers are important in motivating them to further develop their careers.