Wheat deliveries from farmers to the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) have so far reached 137 000 tonnes.

Harvesting of the crop has ended countrywide and the Agricultural Rural Development Authority (ARDA) said deliveries could be plus or minus 200 000 tonnes considering that some wheat was grown and delivered under contract arrangements.

“Considering that a significant number of farmers delivered their produce through their contractors, the actual wheat deliveries could be plus or minus 200 000 tonnes, which is an improvement,” ARDA Board Chairperson, Basil Nyabadza said.

Going forward, the country can achieve the national requirement if issues to do with driers and combine harvesters are addressed.

“We have the capacity to produce enough for the country. We just need to address the logistical challenges because currently, we lose almost 10% of our produce at the harvesting stage. For the transitional period when we move from maize to wheat farming, we need driers so that everything is done on time,” Nyabadza added.

Last year, the country produced about 186 000 tonnes of wheat against a national requirement of 350 000 tonnes per year.