chitungwiza town council.jpgPerennial water shortages have once again hit Chitungwiza town amid fears from residents that if the situation is not addressed, there could soon be a serious outbreak of diseases.
Chitungwiza residents are crying foul after having gone for more than a month without the water.

Residents who spoke to ZBC News said it has since become very difficult for people in the town to attend public gatherings such as funerals due to the serious water shortages and called on the town’s authorities to put their act together and address the water challenges in the town before the re-surfacing of the cholera pandemic as what happened in 2008 resurfaces.

Director of  Works for Chitungwiza  Municipality, Engineer Alfonso Tinofa admitted that the Town Council has failed to provide running water for  residents  but said the problem will only end if the town manages to have its own water treatment plant and stop relying  on the Harare City Council for water supplies.

“We should have our own plant if the problem is to end,” Engineer Alfonso said.

What makes the situation gloom for Chitungwiza residents is that their town relies on Harare which has its own problems.

The capital is also failing to supply water to its own residents and is battling to cope with heavy leakages at its Warren Park pump station.