Water harvesting interventions in Mudzi and Rushinga through the Community Technology Development Organisation have enabled small scale farmers to become more food secure while assisting over 5000 families that are benefiting directly from the projects.

Teurai Matekenya is a 52 year old farmer, who is among 64 women sustaining their livelihoods through the food for asset project in Mudzi.

The nutrition project that they are running paints a totally different picture of the prevailing conditions in the two areas where most of the crop has succumbed to intense heat conditions.

Families are building their food security around a one hectare nutritional garden, thanks to responsive strategies such as the construction of weir dams that are also sustaining livestock.

The construction of weir dams is captured under the broader objective to promote water harvesting.

Three years back, communities in Rushinga had to endure distances of up to 16km in search of water, but now they can bank on improving their incomes and livestock.

In the face of changing weather patterns, water harvesting has become a necessity to ensure food security at both household and national levels.