hre hosp.jpgRecurrent water shortages have crippled operations at Harare Central Hospital, a development which has affected departments such as maternity and the section that carries out post mortems.



Water is life and for a big institution such as Harare central hospital it is at the core of its operations.

However, the medical institution has been hit by recurrent water shortages resulting in a pathetic situation where pregnant women are now bringing their own water to use after delivering.

Early this week, the institution is said to have been hit by a water shortage and corpses which were waiting to undergo post mortem had to wait as doctors could not carry out the exercise without the precious liquid.

Insiders at the referral health institution confirmed that there was no water and that some burials had to be deferred due to this anomaly.

Despite having placed some reservoirs at the institution, it seems the water problem is still persistent as the stored water was not enough.

The Acting CEO, Mr. Vera could not give any comment  because he was not picking up his phone.

Meanwhile, last week most residential suburbs in the capital experienced an unexplained water shortage and this resulted in residents resorting to fetching water at unprotected water sources.