The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) has approved permits for the translocation of 600 elephants from Save Conservancy to three identified game reserves in what is set to be the biggest ever animal translocation exercise in the country.

The translocation exercise by Zimparks, in conjunction with private players in the industry, is in response to the fact that the animals have far exceeded the carrying capacity at Save Valley Conservancy.

The 600 elephants are set to be translocated to Mavhuradonha Wilderness Safari as well as Chizarira and Sapi National Parks.

Zimparks Public Relations Manager, Tinashe Farawo said the increase in the population of the animals is testimony of the country’s status as a global champion in wildlife conservation.

“It is paramount to note that the growing populations of animals in the country is not an accident, but a result of good wildlife management practices,” he said.

According to Zimparks, the elephant family heads will be selected by experts for the translocation exercise.

The country’s wildlife authority has also approved the translocation of 2 000 impalas, 50 Buffalos, one pack of wild dogs and two prides of lions.

The ballooning elephant population has posed a serious threat to the habitat in game reserves and resulted in the surge in human wildlife conflict cases in the country.