Disabled and homeless, a 17-year boy from Gokwe is living under dire conditions behind Carter House in Mbare, Harare with only a thin plastic wrapping doubling as both his house and ablution facility.

From a distance, the thin black plastic wrapping appears to be shielding the merchandise and wares synonymous with this place.

Inside here, a desperate life sits quietly hoping that the pounding rains will not overpower what has become his only walls of protection, since his arrival in Harare more than six months ago.

The rains are merciless and soon the waters start seeping through, leaving Brian Sandi helpless, but to watch the blankets being soaked.

He cannot do anything to save the situation because he is paralysed from the waist downwards.

Brian is disabled and paralysed following a mine incident that affected his lower part of the body. He can only make small movements using his hands to drag himself when nature calls.

We brave the rains to listen to his story.

“ I am appealing for assistance, even a wheelchair. I have to wear pampers but they are very expensive,” Brian said.

As he tries to sit up to avoid the seeping water, his eyes are fixed on me as if asking if we had come to immediately take him out of this situation.

Brian’s story is a sad one and becomes even more painful should he fail to access the required funds to have corrective surgery to his backbone.

His mother’s sister, Mrs Efineri Moses is getting desperate each minute.

“We have been here since the end of May 2019, I have received promises from well-wishers but seven months down the line, there is still no hope,” she narrated.

This makeshift house does very little to improve Brian’s condition as he can barely move an inch. Without proper ventilation, it means Brian has to suffer the double burden of a worsening condition and unhygienic living conditions.