Zimbabweans across the political divide have bemoaned the two-tier pricing system in which shops are openly charging different prices for cash and electronic payments.

Cash strapped consumers in Mount Darwin are paying through the nose for retail goods as shops are charging dual prices and service stations are blatantly refusing to accept payments other than cash.

One supermarket clearly displayed different prices for cash and swipe, with consumers expressing displeasure over the move.

“We are suffering because of these high charges. We don’t have sources of cash but shops demand cash,” a resident said.

Residents chronicled their plight at the mercy of two-tier pricing system.

“If we try to get cash we are rated by Ecocash agents so we have to use electronic money but the shops charge us more,” one resident explained.

The three fuel stations in Mount Darwin are also blatantly refusing to accept electronic money with the worst affected being the surrounding farming community and employees who say they only get paid through electronic transfers.

“I wish the new currency comes as soon as yesterday because I have had enough of these profiteering shops.

“For us farmers who get transfers it is particularly difficult to get cash,” a farmer expressed his ordeal.

The impending hard cash injection into the economy appears to be the only end in sight to the challenges facing consumers.