Parents of a six year old boy from Hopley Harare are appealing for help to buy drugs for their son who suffers from a rare type of cancer called retinoblastoma.

There is no greater anguish than watching your child in pain, struggling to breathe, hanging on to dear life as he battles with a deadly cancer virus.

This is the pain that 6 year old Professor Zidanda’s mother Ms Devine Mbire experiences daily as she dresses her son’s wounds, for close to 4 months now after the cancer started spreading ferociously.

“Urwere uhwu hwakatanga 2014 kangori kabundu tikazonoudzwa kuti I cancer akarapwa akabviswa ziso racho but ikozvino cancer yacho yave kuspreader (This child’s sickness started in 2014 as a small wound and we were told by the doctors that it is cancer. Ropa was treated and his one eye was removed but now the cancer redeveloped and is spreading all over his body),” said Ms Mbire.

For the past 5 years they have tried everything even traditional medicine, they have sold their property and livestock so that their baby boy can get treated, the family has even relocated from Buhera to Hopley Harare since Professor is now undergoing chemotherapy after every three weeks, but it seems the situation is not getting any better.

“Takatengesa mombe kuti mwana akwanise kurapwa even muno mumba hatisisina kana property (We have sold our belongings ranging from livestock to household properties so that our son gets treated),” added the grieving mother.

Professor’s parents who are both unemployed are appealing to Zimbabweans to assist them in buying drugs for chemotherapy which are pegged exorbitantly in United States dollars.

Retinoblastoma is an eye cancer that begins in the retina, the sensitive lining on the inside of an eye.

The cancer most commonly affects young children, but can rarely occur in adults.

It is often curable when it is diagnosed early.

However, if it is not treated promptly, as in Professor’s case it can spread beyond the eye to other parts of the body.

Those who are willing to assist can contact Professor’s mother Ms Devine Mbire on 0775612323 or EcoCash your contributions on the same number.