binguwamutharika.jpgMalawian President and African Union Chairperson Dr. Bingu Wa Mutarika says the key elements that continue to form the foundation of the African Union remain a common interest and strong commitment in the consolidation of democracy, rule of law and good governance.


In a statement to all AU member states to mark the 47th anniversary of the African Union Dr. Bingu Wa Mutharika said the AU agenda for integration and development continues to focus on conflict resolution while at the same time pursuing the process of integration.


Dr. Wa Mutharika said the establishment of the Pan-African Parliament, the Economic, Social and Cultural Council, the Peace and Security Council and the Africa Court of Justice and Human Rights, and other union institutions is a clear manifestation of Africa’s determination to put in place the necessary framework that would enable it to overcome the challenges facing the continent.


He called upon the people of Africa to remain united saying by doing so the continent will be honouring the memory of the founding fathers of the organisation. 


This year’s commemoratios were held the theme, “Building and maintaining peace through sports.”


President Wa Mutharika noted that in commemorating Africa Day 2010 AU should keep in sight the vision of the founding fathers of the OAU, which provided the framework on which Africa stood together to face the struggle for political independence.

He said AU has scored poorly in a number of crucial sectors, to the extent that Africa has become a continent that lags behind in achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDG)s.


It is in this light that the AU Chairman said the agenda for the continent at this point in time, is to launch each and every African country on the path to sustainable development from poverty to prosperity.