vp mjuru.jpgVice President Joice Mujuru has won the ‘Pride of African Women Award’ from an organisation called Women Advancement for Economic and Leadership Empowerment in Africa.


Cde Mujuru was presented with the award in Abuja, Nigeria, for her contribution towards the development of African women in leadership, social and economic empowerment.


Despite Zimbabwe not being one of the 46 countries affiliated to the Organisation, the first female Vice President of the country was nominated and went on to scoop the Pride of African Women Award at a ceremony held in Abuja Nigeria at the beginning of this month.

Cde Mujuru who says she had been surprised to know that she had been nominated, dedicated the award to fellow ex-combatants who were beside her in the trenches during the liberation struggle.

“I felt overwhelmed with emotion, I couldn’t actually believe that my efforts are being recognised all over,”

“The award is not for myself alone because I have not managed to do all that I have accomplished alone,” said Cde. Mujuru.

Displaying her award, which is a mini replica of the African continent, Cde Mujuru added that while the organisation is not known locally, it has a membership of 46 African countries out of the 53 on the continent and to select the nominees, wide research was conducted through various means including on the internet.

Vice President Mujuru was recognised for her role during the liberation struggle and in post independent Zimbabwe.

“I want to commend the government of Zimbabwe for acknowledging the importance of women and putting in place policies to empower women. We are also a signatory to a number of treaties that promote women,” Cde Mujuru added. 

Other notable people who were also awarded include the President of Tanzania, Mr. Jakaya Kikwete, for implementing the Beijing platform of action in his country, the Vice President of Spain, Mrs. Teresa Fernandez de la Vega for her determination, dedication and support to the cause of African women emancipation.


 Nigeria’s First Lady, madam Patience Jonathan also received an award for her service to humanity.       

Women Advancement for Economic and Leadership Empowerment in Africa (WAELE) was founded in May 2004 to promote African women’s aspirations, full advancement and participation in economic and political decision making in the governance of African countries.