Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa held bilateral talks with the Minister of Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, Mr Zhang Mao who was leading a an eight-member delegation.

Mr Mao is in the country to visit the African Regional Intellectual Property offices (ARIPO) in Harare.

Whereas the portfolio of property rights is administered by the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs in Zimbabwe, in China it is under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

The two sides met to see ways in which China has made great economic strides on the world arena and how it could help Zimbabwe implement and structure its intellectual property legislation following the adoption of the Marrackech Treaty which protects the intellectual property of the visually impaired and the recently gazetted Madrid Protocol which governs the registration of trademarks and patents.

Zimbabwe is currently reviewing the copyright and neighbouring and needs support in the training of personnel in charge of issues to do with the protection of Zimbabwe’s intellectual property.

Speaking during the meeting with the Chinese delegation, Vice President Mnangagwa said the country is reviewing its legislation governing protection of intellectual property rights.

Many developing countries have lost their intellectual property to some developed countries due to lack of adequate knowledge and loopholes in the legislation governing property rights and patents.

The Madrid Protocol and Marrackech Treaty are instruments which if used effectively could help developing countries to maximise economic growth.