Victoria Falls tourism stakeholders and the Municipality have expressed commitment to transform the resort town into a renowned eco-friendly and green destination through the roll out of several initiatives including the council funded $1.2 million engineered landfill project.

Eco-friendly travel destinations have become one of the most important developments in the global travel industry with most tourists preferring to be associated with environment-conscious destinations.

Tourism players operating in the country’s premier tourists’ destination Victoria Falls and the local authority have prioritised the transformation of the town into an eco-friendly and green destination.

Tour operators stressed the need for public private sector partnerships in promoting green destination.

On its part the Victoria Falls Municipality is set to commence the construction of the $1.2 million engineered landfill which is expected to result in proper waste management that will allow resource recovery from waste.

The council is also targeting to install at least 600 solar powered street lights in 2018.

As part of the responsible tourism practices the tourism players have committed to preserve the environment and the rehabilitation of wildlife.