laptop 17.09.10.jpgA local computer manufacturing firm has concluded a US$4.5 million deal with a voice and data service provider, which will see the technology company providing tailormade software applications for the local market.


The partnership will see the two firms integrating software with hardware on Nhava’s machines over a one-year period enabling users to access internet services as well as reduced telecommunications costs.


The software provider which is part of a UK-based group will also provide other services including PBX solutions for companies as well as mobile and laptop tracking systems.

Riverdale Voice and Data Group Chief Executive Officer Mr. James Chirunga said the group intends to fill the gap on the local market, resulting from lack of back-up services which are difficult to access for most users of imported ICT equipment.

“This is very important because there is no provider with a holistic solution, if you buy a Panasonic, and if anything goes wrong you have to ship it back,” said Mr Chirunga.

Nhava Senior Vice President for Products and Services Tawanda Shangwa said the partnership is very strategic as it will enable users to get relevant software.

He said: “We are now also in a position to get services which are more relevant, they will  be much more consumer value.”

Currently, Nhava imports parts of laptops and does assembling locally with the assistance of other technology partners.


There are however plans to commission a local assembly plant before year end.