eelephant hills hotel 24.08.10.jpgThe Zimbabwe Council of Tourism has revealed that more than US$120 million is required to recapitalise and refurbish the country’s tourism and hospitality infrastructure that has deteriorated over the years.


Extensive research by the World Bank and the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has revealed that Zimbabwe is expected to achieve 8.7% annual growth over a 10-year period – a figure which is only second to China’s 9%.


However, Zimbabwe still fares poorly at 125th out of 133 countries in terms of tourism regulations, infrastructure and investment.


Zimbabwe Council of Tourism President, Mr. Emmanuel Fundira said the World Bank mission currently in the country is a welcome development considering that the tourism industry requires funding and capital to the tune of US$120 million to refurbish and develop infrastructure and improve product appeal.


He said: “Zimbabwe’s potential for growing the travel and tourism sector is clearly massive, provided a number of highly threatening challenges are addressed.


emmanuel fundira4 24.08.10.jpg“Zimbabwe is working hard to try and lure tourists from the top long haul source markets like France, Britain and USA, while emerging and smaller source markets like Germany, Portugal, Spain and Sweden among others, should not be ignored,” he said.


Recent research has revealed that France is the top long haul source market for Africa, with most of their tourists visiting Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritius and Senegal.


Britain is rated second with Egypt, South Africa, Kenya and Mauritius being the targeted destinations, while the USA is the top source market for Tanzania, Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa and Zimbabwe.