barack obama 12-12-11.jpgIn what has shocked millions across the world, the United States Senate has approved a defence authorisation bill legalising sex with animals.

The latest coming from the US Senate has left questions which might not even be answered by that society for a long time.

While countries in Africa are yet to come to terms with threats by British Prime Minister, David Cameron that those who violate gay rights will not get aid, the US has pulled yet another shocker by legalising bestiality.

Observers say the bill is certainly set to define new parameters of US moral decay under that country’s Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and the Barack Obama administration seems to have monumentally failed the morality test in a manner that no other government in that land has.

After the bestiality bill, many would probably want to know what other outrageous legislations might that country’s lawmakers be pondering on implementing.

Maybe legalising sex with corpses or cannibalism or any other thing that God told people not to do.

For it appears everything God says thou shalt not do, the West will try everything to defy.