usdeputyass.jpgThe visiting US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Susan Page, has failed to justify America’s illegal sanctions on the country and the continued ill-treatment of Zimbabwe at the Kimberley Process.

The senior US government official, who arrived in the country early this week and is expected to meet with government officials, civil society and mining stakeholders on the guise of showing diplomatic support to Zimbabwe, could not justify her country’s illegal sanctions which have caused untold suffering among ordinary Zimbabweans.

The visit by the official coincided with the launch of the National Anti Sanctions Petition by the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe.

Asked to justify her country’s anti-Zimbabwe stance, Page, who was accompanied by US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Charles Ray to a meeting with mines and mining development officials, could not offer any reasonable explanation.charles ray 01-08-10.jpg

As part of her agenda, the US official is expected to solicit for Zimbabwe’s support at the Kimberley Process, given the western country’s growing desire to assume the KP Deputy Chairmanship.

The United States, which together with Australia was at the forefront of campaigning against the certification of the Marange diamonds and calling for the suspension of Zimbabwe from the KP, is becoming more isolated as most KP members are rejecting the idea of the United States assuming the Deputy Chairmanship role as it is not a diamond producer.

Page is set to go back to Washington empty handed as the local mining stakeholders have already taken a stance that they will not support US’s KP leadership campaign.

The message to the western country is ‘sanctions for sanctions.’