town clerks27.7.10.jpgThe Urban Councils Association of Zimbabwe (UCAZ) says the 30:70% ratio for salaries and service delivery as stipulated by government is an imported format, which is not realistic in the country considering the prevailing macro-economic conditions.

The association vowed to continue defying cabinet’s recommendation that 30% of revenue should be channelled towards salaries while 70% should be earmarked for service delivery.

The association insists that the stipulated ratio is a borrowed concept that will never be realistic in Zimbabwe, arguing that the country from which the concept was adopted is highly mechanised.

Addressing journalists in Harare, UCAZ President, Alderman Femias Chakabuda accused the government of setting directives which are not realistic, adding that instead local authorities should be receiving grants from treasury.

Despite Alderman Chakabuda’s assertions, service delivery is still shoddy in most local authorities with analysts claiming that the current crop of city fathers are ignorant of their mandate.

Most urban local authorities have been accused of failing to prioritise service delivery while awarding themselves hefty salaries and allowances.

Harare City Council is among the local authorities that have ignored a cabinet recommendation of 30:70 ratio which entails spending the bulk of revenue on service delivery and the remainder on wages and salaries.