Permanent representatives to the United Nations from several countries have sent messages of solidarity and support to Zimbabwe following the explosion that rocked White City stadium in Bulawayo at a Zanu PF campaign rally on the 23rd of June.

The solidarity messages were sent to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Retired Lieutenant General Sibusiso Moyo.

Zimbabwe’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Fredrick Shava informed his colleagues at the UN of the tragic explosion in Bulawayo, including the number of people injured and the fact that President Emmerson Mnangagwa was unhurt.

The announcement by Ambassador Shava on the UN Ambassadors ‘Whatsapp Platform’ prompted responses from several Permanent representatives to the UN, who all expressed their solidarity and support to Zimbabwe and condemned the heinous attacks which they say were meant to derail democratic processes in the country.

Ambassador Shava hailed the ambassadors for standing by Zimbabwe, adding that the support is overwhelming. He commended the ambassadors for encouraging Zimbabwe to campaign in peace for a free, fair and credible election slated for the 30th of July.

 Below are the responses from UN ambassadors to Ambassador Shava:


Tanzania condemns incidences in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe intended to derail democratic processes. We are in solidarity and support all efforts being undertaken to restore normalcy. Modest – TANZANIA

Please accept my sincerest condolences and heartfelt sympathy after this terrible attack. With our deep friendship and solidarity. FRANCE

 Very sad news! Our deepest condolences and prayers! We stand with you and your government. BURKINA FASO

 Heartfelt condolences. Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims and their loved ones. Wish the injured swift recovery. In solidarity. Durga NEPAL

 My heartfelt sympathy with the victims and we wish them a speedy recovery. We stand in solidarity with the people and the Government of Zimbabwe. Mansour KUWAIT

 I am really saddened to know an attack at a presidential rally also occurred in your beloved country. Please know that our thoughts and sympathies are will you and the people of Zimbabwe. Akuei Bona Malwal – SOUTH SUDAN

It is so sad to learn of the attack. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and we wish them a speedy recovery. We stand in solidarity with the people and the Government of Zimbabwe. We wish the coming elections every success and hope that peace, stability and democracy will prevail. Nga – VIETNAM

 I join my colleagues in expressing our sympathy and solidarity with your country Zimbabwe and its people. Our strong condemnation for this barbaric attack today. Mohammed, IRAQ

 We share the outrage of others at this cowardly attack and send you and the people of Zimbabwe our deepest sympathies and condolences. As Craig says, justice will prevail. Karen, UNITED KINGDOM

Greece strongly condemns heinous attacks in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe and stands in solidarity with the people of both countries in their efforts towards the democratic process. Heartfelt condolences. Maria – GREECE

 Pakistan stands with Zimbabwe at this trying time and our condolences to the families of the victims. Maleeha PAKISTAN

Our prayers are with the victims of the terror attack in Zimbabwe. It’s a barbaric attack on the idea of democracy. The Maldives condemns such attacks. Zimbabweans are known for their determination in the face of such challenges. You will prevail. Ali – MALDIVES

Lebanon condemns the terrorist attack that took place in Zimbabwe, especially targeting the political process in the country ahead of the elections. Lebanon’s prayers and thoughts are with the victims of the attack and we wish Zimbabwe peace and security and support it always in the face of terror. Amal, LEBANON

Very sad day. I join all colleagues in expressing sympathy and support for the people of Zimbabwe in condemning attacks of today. Milica, MENTENEGRO

A very sad and unfortunate occurrence. Our thoughts and prayers are with the affected. We stand in solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe and strongly condemn the barbaric attack that happened in Bulawayo today. Amayo Lazarus, KENYA

Full solidarity and support for the people of Ethiopia and Zimbabwe in their efforts to continue the democratic process. Heartfelt condolences to the affected families. Georgi, BULGARIA

We also strongly condemn the cowardly attack that took place today. Deepest condolences. Our solidarity with the people and government of Zimbabwe. Feridun, TURKEY

I join colleagues in expressing our condemnation of the attack in Zimbabwe. Shocking news. Two attacks today. Deepest condolences. Gillian, AUSTRALIA

Sri Lanka too condemns this cowardly attack and expresses our support and solidarity to the democratic process in Zimbabwe. Rohan, SRI LANKA

Very sad news. Turkmenistan stands in solidarity with Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. My Deepest condolences. Aksoltan, TURKMENISTAN

Our solidarity with the people and government of Zimbabwe. We condemn any cowardly attack that disrupts democracy and the will of the people. Our prayers are with the victims. Djani, INDONESIA

My condolences and solidarity. I am sure such heinous acts will not disrupt the process and Zimbabwe will emerge stringer after the planned elections. Kaha, GEORGIA

So sorry to learn of the horrible attack. Our thoughts are with all those affected. Your Irish friends support your efforts to conduct elections in a fair and peaceful manner. Geraldine, IRELAND

Fiji stands with absolute solidarity with Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. My condolences and prayers for speedy recovery of those injured. Satyendra, FIJI

 What a sad and tragic day for Zimbabwe. We stand with you and the people of your country. Our prayers go to the victims of this heinous attack. Bakhtiyor, UZBEKISTAN

Papua New Guinea also stands in solidarity with the Government of the People’s Republic of Ethiopia and Zimbabwe and condemn terrorist attacks in both peaceful countries. Max, PAPUA NEW GUINEA

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims. As mentioned by Modest, we are in solidarity. The people of Zimbabwe deserve free, peaceful and fair elections. Marc-Andre, CANADA

 We are in solidarity with you and Zimbabwean people. Dark horses of doom should not be allowed to derail a democratic and transparent processes unfolding in your beautiful country. Hope for a speedy recovery to the injured. Jerry, SOUTH AFRICA

The reactionary will not prevail as their actions are met with vigilance and determination of those who want the progress of Zimbabwe. Solidarity and all the best. Ismael, ANGOLA

Sorry to hear about this cowardly attempt at derailing democracy and peace in Zimbabwe. We stand in strong solidarity with the Government and the fraternal people of Zimbabwe. Wishing the injured speedy recovery and swift action against the perpetrators. AFRICAN UNION MISSION

From my leave back in Zambia. I wish to join in expressing solidarity with the people and government of Zimbabwe following the explosion at the President’s rally. Wishing all the injured a quick recovery. Lazarus, ZAMBIA

Burundi was shocked to learn that indiscriminate attacks have been perpetrated against your leaders. The option of violence in politics is and will remain the path of the weak and losers. I express to you and your government and peoples my sincere condolences! My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of these cowardly and simultaneous attacks. Albert, BURUNDI

I wish to express utter condemnation of the despicable attacks against the peoples of Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. Ghana stands with you and expresses our sympathies with the families of the dead and pray for speedy recovery for the injured. We should never be cowed by such cowardly terrorist acts. Martha, GHANA

Shameful acts from desperate elements bent on creating instability in Zimbabwe, The will of the people of Zimbabwe cannot be broken by these elements. Africa stands with the peace-loving people of Zimbabwe. Tijjani, AFRICAN UNION PR

I would like to express to your people and your leadership my solidarity and my strong condemnation of this cowardly attack against your President. It is a terrorist aggression against democracy. Omar, MOROCCO

Our sincere condolences for the cowardly attacks in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. I pray for the quick recovery of those injured and that the perpetrators are identified. –

Violence has no place in political competition. Glad the leadership is safe, our prayers are with the injured and hope there are no fatalities. Adonia, UGANDA

I fully share your analysis of the situation when you said that it might be the work of some spoilers of the process of the coming elections. Let me say that we stand with you, the government and the people of Zimbabwe during the aftermath of such a coward act. We wish a full and rapid recovery to all whom were injured and Madagascar re-affirms its solidarity with Zimbabwe. My warmest regards. Your sister Arisoa, MADAGASCAR

Strong condemnation of this attempt against Zimbabwe. Total solidarity with you. Sabri, ALGERIA

Another shocking incident at another sisterly African country. We fully condemn the barbaric terrorist attack in Zimbabwe. Your wise leader and dignified people will never be derailed of their path to the future they deserve. You will prevail. M Edrees, EGYPT


The explosion claimed 2 lives while 47 others were injured.