Umguza Vocational Training College (VTC) has expressed disappointment after being on the receiving end of what they claim to be a raw deal over a piece of land meant for the construction of a provincial centre.

Allegations are that 60 hectares of land was bought by the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Culture for the construction of what was to be the Provincial Vocational Training Centre in 2015.

The pegging of the acquired land however stalled until July this year when the institution was only given 25 hectares of which three quarters is occupied by a secondary school.

It is alleged that the other portion of the land was handed to a Mr Woga despite having been paid for by the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Culture.

With a dairy cattle project and many other courses being undertaken by youths such as carpentry, garment making, agriculture, brick laying and catering, the Principal for the training institution, Mr Manymore Dube is a worried man.

“We knew we had 60 hectares but we were only given 25. All the plans we had were drafted with 60 hectares and have been affected. Our plea is for a solution to be found so that our cattle and intended buildings can be fitted in without any squabbling,”said Mr Dube.

After a tour of the facility, the Minister of State for Matabeleland North Province, Honourable Richard Moyo spoke on the critical role of the facility under the devolution agenda.

“The good thing is the Council chairperson was also in. So I instructed him to look into the matter as the Ministry of Youth paid for the 60 hectares only to be given 25. We don’t know how such an incident happened. Umguza RDC must fix this so that the VTC gets its adequate land. You can see that they have cattle that need grazing land,” said Honourable Moyo.

Other challenges said to be affecting the Umguza Vocational Training Centre include poor funding, lack of adequate infrastructure and human resources.