Zimbabwe has taken the campaign against illegal sanctions imposed on the country by the West and its allies to the international fora, with the newly established Zimbabwean embassy in Turkey organising a panel discussion to converse on the illegal embargo.

Zimbabwe’s top diplomat to Turkey, Ambassador Alfred Mutiwazuka said they are working with the Turkey Institute of Strategic Thinking and recently invited SADC member states based in Ankara to highlight the anti-sanctions lobby on the international platform.

Zimbabwe’s Deputy Ambassador to Ankara, Chakurangeyi Mutodza, said many sectors, including industry and agriculture, are seriously affected by the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.

The Deputy Ambassador pointed out that the international financial institutions like the IMF and the World Bank which used to help Zimbabwe were punished by the USA, and are no more supporting Zimbabwe. He demanded the immediate lifting of the illegal sanctions imposed on the country.

“Sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe cost a total of $ 40 billion. It deprived our country of financial assistance. Zimbabwe was banned from receiving aid from institutions such as the World Bank,” said Deputy Ambassador Mutodza.

Zambia’s top diplomat to Turkey, Ambassador Joseph Chilengi pointed out that the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe were unilateral measures and that there were taken without a resolution of the United Nations Security Council.

“Students are deprived of the right to education and companies have a negative impact, such as the failure to trade globally, many countries in Africa have serious effects on unilateral sanctions,because of these sanctions people are forced to migrate to other countries to find new opportunities, ” Ambassador Chilengi criticised sanctions.

About 100 participants including ambassadors from other countries Zambia, Tanzania, Angola and Kenya, professors from local universities, university students, press and members of parliament from the Turkish government attended the discussion forum.