tobacco queues.jpgThe Tobacco Sales Floor has denied reports that some farmers at the floors had their crop affected by rains during the Easter holidays, despite evidence proving the contrary.

In a case that has angered tobacco farmers, TSF denies that farmers who were booked to sell their crop before the Easter holidays were left locked up in the open within their premises resulting in their tobacco being affected by rains.

Despite evidence proving that the tobacco was badly affected by rains, TSF Chief Executive Officer, Mr. James Mutambanesango, professed ignorance over the issue and accused ZBC of fabrication.

“No farmer has complained to us that their tobacco was affected by rain. We do not take responsibility for farmers that are negligent,” he said.

Contrary to the TSF boss’ denial, ZBC News spoke to the affected farmers who confirmed that their crop had indeed been rained.
Analysts have called on both farmers and auction floors to find workable solutions.

Mr. Godfrey Dupwa and Mr. Alexander Kanengoni said auction floors should ensure farmers book ahead of delivery and plan realistically to avoid congestion.

Dupwa said, “Farmers should ensure they are booked. TSF does not have enough facilities.”

Kanengoni had this to say, “Boka is doing well but farmers should follow proper booking procedures.”

Since the start of the tobacco marketing season this year, auction floors have been overwhelmed by the large number of farmers leading to some analysts calling for an increase in the number of auction floors.