Children are often considered an embodiment of innocence and love, they look up to their guardians and parents for love, care, protection and warmth.

But the case is different for an 8 year old disabled Chegutu girl who has a horrendous story to tell about a stone hearted step mother, who allegedly chose to add on to the misery of the vulnerable state.

Chipo Sadza (not her real name) is a girl born with the condition, hydrocephalus, which causes bulging of the head and affects the proper functioning of other parts of the human anatomy.

She has a chilling story to tell of a heinous act by her step mother who allegedly dipped her legs in a bucket full of boiling water.

Owing to the torturous experience, Chipo developed some joined toes and the wounds were still fresh to tell the story when the ZBC News caught up with her at the Chegutu Social Welfare offices.

The girl, who by any measure could be described as affable owing to her charismatic smile, vividly narrated how she sustained the burns on her feet.

The purity and innocence in her as a child sees Chipo revealing she was burnt ‘na mhamha’, in reference to the step mother.

Chipo’s mother, who has since remarried, told this news crew the case has since been reported to police and the matter is set for hearing in court.

The mother went on to appeal for help to raise US$300 needed to pay for the cost of a CT scan for Chipo, before she undergoes a surgery necessary to drain excess water in her head.

Well wishers can contact the mother on mobile number 0777 524 848.