The plight of breast cancer survivors has come to the fore in the wake of challenges they face in accessing breast forms and dealing with stigma.

For a woman, the breasts define her femininity and just the thought of losing one is unimaginable.

The treatment for breast cancer usually includes mastectomy, which is the complete removal of the affected breast, and when this happens a woman can suffer from psychological problems which include low self-esteem, avoidance of social relationships and a sense of loss.

To try and cover up for the loss of a vital piece of the woman’s body, prosthesis, which are breast forms made from silicone are used.

However, accessing them is a tall order for the survivors, subjecting many to uncomfortable alternatives.

Prosthesis and mastectomy bras are quite expensive and are not easily available in Zimbabwe, a situation which calls for urgent attention.

Amid difficulties faced by breast cancer survivors in accessing these much-needed breast forms, the only alternative is to rely on donations.

The latest donation came from Australia through a representative of the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe after meeting the donors at the just ended Reach to Recovery International Conference held in Prague, Czech Republic in June this year.

As the fight against breast cancer continues, the situation calls for urgent intervention by relevant authorities and well-wishers to restore a woman’s dignity.