The Binga community says the switching on of radio transmission boosters at Kamativi transmission site is enriching their community’s development agenda adding they are now looking forward for the distribution of set top boxes for them to receive television transmission signals.

The completion of the Kamativi radio transmitters saw the area and Binga getting radio services from all the local national stations for the first time in one of the milestone achievements of the country’s on ongoing digitalisation project.

Binga Agritex officer Mr Sam Mwende said the community cannot wait to receive television services following the recent completion of the first phase of the Kalanga digital television transmission site in Binga.

ZBC CEO Mr Patrick Mavhura said the state broadcaster will continue to increase visibility of all the country’s cultures through its programming with all chiefs in Binga set to receive radio gadgets from his firm as part of raising awareness on the existence of radio services to the community.

Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe CEO Mr Obert Muganyura said his organisation is working on sealing partnerships to ensure that areas like Lusulu which are beyond the reach of the booster signals receive direct to home digital television services.

The new establishment has since shown its commitment towards the digitalisation process with two batches of funds having been released so far while a million dollars for set top boxes is expected to be released by the central bank in a week’s time.